Being a Studentmom : The beginning

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July 13, 2017
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July 13, 2017
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Being a Studentmom : The beginning

Don’t ever blame your husband and children for you not being able to achieve your dreams.
Don’t ever make marriage and family as an excuse for you not to step up and develop yourself.
It’s not their fault..
Instead, they are actually your biggest motivation and support system.

Every woman has the right to develop themselves, implement their knowledge, develop their hobbies, build a business, and other self-actualizations. Of course it all needs the permission and blessing of her husband, also as long as she put the obligations of wife and mother as her primary role.
It’s just a matter of life choices.
Some woman choose to be a career woman, and they’re happy about it.
Some woman choose to be a stay-at-home mom, and they love it.
I choose to pursue my dreams and be a student mommy at the moment, and I’m grateful for this. I’m so thankful to my lovely husband for letting me chasing my dreams and him willing to be a supportive team-mate together in this journey.

This is just the beginning, it is going to be a long way ahead but I believe for every hardship will come ease, for every rain will come the sun, for every tears will come a smile 😊 Hopefully I can play a balanced role as a wife, mommy and student.
Salute to all of the student mommies around the world..🙌
Wish me luck Bismillah 😊

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